University Students Mentorship Programs

I strongly believe that all University students should be mentored on the Stock Market Investing and learn how to make money in the Stock Market. It will be a better way to put their money to work and to help Comrades lead a comfortable life while in Campus. As Comrades say: They will no longer be eating with chicken, but eating chicken products and chicken itself.  

Kenyan Workers Empowerment Programs

After 30 years of toiling, sweating and hard labour, 90% of Kenyan workers, those employed and those in self employment, they end up poor, according to Retirement Benefits Authority. Only 3% end up rich. My desire is to make everybody rich. Those who will be diligent in SAVING and INVESTING 1K MONTHLY in the Stock Market will be Millionaires. 

My Stock Market Investment + Recommendations Journey.

January, 2021  

Diamond Trust Bank was recommended at a BUY at 60/- it went to 78/- making 25% return in 30 days. 

February, 2021

EABL + BAT were recommended as a BUY at 148/- and 400/- respectively. They both went up to 178/- and 500/- making 20% return  and 25% return in 30 days. 

March,  2021

Nation Media Group was  recommended as a BUY at 13/- it went up to 25/-  making 95% return in 30 days. 

April, , 2021 

Safaricom was  recommended as a BUY at 36/- it went up to 41/-  making 13.8% return in 30 days. 

May, 2021