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Stock Market Investing 101.
Stock Market Investing in Kenya.

The Kenyan Stock Market , which is valued at 2.6 Trillion as at May, 2021 has the ability to make us all Millionaires.  I am here to guide us in creating wealth. I strongly believe that we can make 10% return per month and 100% return per year. I strongly believe that we can DOUBLE our money in the stock market. We shall be buying stocks and selling stocks once they rise by 10% and making our profits. We shall repeat that X 12 months x 5 Years and help us grow our 10,000/- Monthly Savings to ONE MILLION in Five Years. 10,000/- X12 Months X 5 YEARS will be 600,000 in a Bank, but 1,000,000/- in the stock market. 

With consistent SAVING AND INVESTING, we can all become rich. The Retirement Benefits Authority , RBA says that 90% of people working today ( employed or in  business), will be poor by the age of 60 years, and only 3% will be rich. 7% will be barely comfortable, it is upon us to create wealth in the stock market. All the world billionaires have huge quantity of shares in their company stock. We must harness the power of the stock market to make us all WEALTHY using the power of COMPOUND INTEREST FORMULA. 

Our Products

We believe that we can produce 100% returnns in the stock market.

Retirement Planning

I believe in Retiring Wealthy. After 30 years in service, giving your best in building Kenya, we should all retire in wealth, unfortunately, 90% of Kenyans retire POOR. 

Millionaire Journey

We are a mission to help 10,000 people become MILLIONAIRES in 10 years, consistently creating wealth in the stock market.

Financially Secure Children

Every child born, should have 10M by the time they are 18 Years

Your financial journey starts here.

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