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Stoc Market Investing in Kenya

I am a Man on a Mission

You can make 100% Return in the Stock Market

Stock Market Investing 101. Stock Market Investing in Kenya, is the place to PRACTISE all the theories, I learnt in school. In 2020, I graduated at the University of Nairobi with a Masters in Computer Science with a Thesis on Stock Market Prediction using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.  I made some serious discoveries that shocked me and will shock everyone. You can make 100% return in the Stock Market. I am here to prove that you can make 10% return per month in the stock market and 100% return per year. 

I am here to prove one fact. You can make returns higher than the Banks ( they give 5% return), SACCOS ( they give 10% return), Money Market ( they give 9% return), Treasury Bills and Bonds( they give 12%). I am here to declare that we can make 100% return in the stock market. 

You can double your money every year. With this in mind, there is no reason for anybody to be POOR in Kenya. Everyone can save 1,000/- and everyone can SAVE and INVEST and everyone can become WEALTH. You need lots of commitment, CONSISTENCY AND PATIENCE. It can be done. We shall do it. Yes, We can. 

Our Goal : Create 10,000 Millionaires in the Stock Market.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Create Millionaires
Years of Experience
People Trained

We do serious analysis of companies in the Nairobi Securities Exchange, both technical analysis, fundamental analysis, sentimental analysis and analysis using Holt Winters Smoothening Exponential to determine whether we should buy or sell. Our aim is to help you make PROFITS, not losses.

Individual Training Solutions

For Individuals who wish to be trained on Stock Market Investing, you can get in touch. Call +254  0720 969 361

Group Training Solutions

For the year 2021, I will be doing FREE Training to Groups on the Stock Market. I will be giving FREE Talks on the Stock Market and the opportunities  in the stock market. I have discovered that the stock market has the potential to help us become MILLIONAIRES in 5 YEARS if you save 10,000/- per month X 12 Months X 5 Years or to make us MILLIONAIRES if you save 1,000/- per month X 12 months X 10 years. Not just save, but SAVE AND INVEST in the Stock Market. 


Please invite me and I will talk to your Friends, SACCO, work colleagues, Boys Club, Girls Club, Investment Club, High School Friends, University Friends and Classmates. I am here to train the whole world. Please send me an invite link via Zoom / Google Meet/ Microsoft Teams etc..